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Hiroshi Yamauchi, president of Nintendo Co. Ltd., has become legendary with his tendency to comment on the state of the games industry, Nintendo’s plans and the abilities of other companies. Always harsh, always honest and always a bit kooky, Yamauchi’s latest tirade in the Japanese publication Sankei Shimbun sounded as if the cocky president of […] Read more...

TAGS: 2001, Hiroshi Yamauchi, throwback

Two cherries, a little grenadine? Or how ‘bout a cheeseburger, right? Hey, I’m with you, those are delicious expenditures. But unfortunately, the world’s a cruel place, and those delicious expenditures aren’t any good for you. Well, how about spend them on something that’s actually good for you? Why not waste it on math? See? Now, […] Read more...

TAGS: game, math, puzzle, Sumico